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dvertising in this magazine is looked at in an unusual way by our advertisers. Yes, they want your business, but they also recognize and support the purpose of this publication, and that is to inform our rural residents of goods and services available to them locally. We all have parents, although we do not all have children, nor children who may be close enough or able to help with our wants and needs. No matter what you are seeking, knowing who to call makes all the difference, and that’s what this publication is all about.

Publications often ask, “Please Support Our Advertisers!” In our case, it is even more important.  If you like the content of this publication, even if you are not currently in need of any of the goods or services being offered, just take a minute to contact any advertiser and thank them for participating in The Wise Guide. Without their support, this publication is not possible.  Let them know you appreciate it!

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