State Run Veteran Homes… Things You Should Know

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State Run Veteran Homes… Things You Should Know


t’s a fact… there are millions of American Veterans and their surviving spouses who have no idea that they’re eligible for benefits from the U.S. Veterans Administration. What makes this worse, is that part of these earned benefits could be helping them financially in their long term care and rehabilitative service needs at state run veteran homes specializing in skilled nursing care and rehabilitative services.

Curious about what Veteran Services have earned you? I think you’d be doing yourself a tremendous disservice if you weren’t. I highly encourage you to read the Fall, 2015 edition of the The Wise Guide… specifically the article entitled, “Veteran Benefits ”*  Mr. Jeffrey Crandall, an attorney in Hayden, Idaho has penned a very informative article about your veteran benefits. I strongly suggest you give it a read.


Once you know what benefits you’re missing, you’ll realize what a great resource you have in every state run veterans home. Since all state run veteran homes only cater to the military veteran and their surviving spouse, they are uniquely qualified to address all veteran specific questions and issues about the care your military loved one receives.

Beyond the skilled nursing care, and the communication dynamic between our interdisciplinary teams, and the rehabilitative services offered, your loved one will be moving into an environment where sharing a common bond of “pride in service” (and great war stories too) are only the beginning. The familial bond we share as a veteran family unites us as a brotherhood (and sisterhood) that is truly unique.

We approach each of our residents with a commitment to loyalty and dedication that is rarely duplicated by any corporate run facility, as we are literally built (from the ground up) differently.  Because we’re state funded, we spend just a little more time to ensure your loved one’s expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Our activities and social environment are unsurpassed. We incorporate top of the line technology tools that enrich the day-to-day lives of all of our veteran residents. From Smart Boards, taking advantage of the internet’s rich supply of entertainment and stimulation to future projects involving interactive computer systems allowing our residents to engage in flight and bike simulators, to iPads utilizing interactive music immersion, all of these tools bring a level of realism and cognitive awareness that is so essential to keeping (and maintaining) the mind active and engaged.

As American Veterans (and spouses of these veterans), our residents are truly immersed in community recognition; specifically from Veteran Assistance Leagues, VFW, American Legion, and most profoundly, the donations these organizations give so generously to our residents, spouses and family members. From local schools celebrating our veterans’ heroism, to volunteers who simply take your breath away with their unwavering support and dedication to our heroes. We definitely have the veteran spirit, as voiced by the communities we serve.

These tremendous resources, and our amazing staff allow our residents to explore an unsurpassed, new level of skilled care and rehabilitation. Come experience the difference that a state run veterans home can make in the life of your loved one. Call Rose Steeley at the Lewiston Veteran’s Home today, (208) 750-3600, and ask for a tour of our facility. Chat about financing and see what the VA has done for you.

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