Are you an animal owner? Do you have a plan?

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Are you an animal owner? Do you have a plan?


wning an animal of any kind requires more than day to day care, it is like having a child. It comes with many years of responsibility. Planning from birth to geriatric care and even emergencies is an integral part of the humans responsibility in any animal relationship.

Animals can’t take care of themselves if they are sick, injured, or suddenly homeless through no fault of their own.

Consider all of the possibilities that could happen and have a plan in place ahead of time. The primary issues we as veterinarians deal with are wellness care to sickness and injury. Prepare ahead for the possibility of a health emergency by creating a savings account specifically for that purpose. Putting in even five dollars a week can make or break your ability to provide for your pet in their time of need. There are pet health insurance plans specifically for animals that provide coverage and assistance for many unexpected and expensive situations, including cancer. Veterinary clinics aren’t always able to offer payment plans but some do offer wellness programs that help with healthcare. There is also something called Care Credit that can provide help with loans that can mean the difference of life or death for your pet. For more information, visit

Another area that we as veterinarians deal with is requests for euthanasia of otherwise healthy pets because the owners didn’t have a plan in place for someone to take over their pets when they are unable. Shelters are often full and are unable to take in animals. Perhaps your health, job, or living circumstances have changed. What will happen for your pet? Spare yourself the heartbreak of unnecessarily saying goodbye to your healthy animal. Plan ahead of time by contacting friends, relatives, or even pet rescue groups who would be willing to provide temporary or permanent care for you animal. Another option is to create a savings fund to cover long term boarding until you are able to be reunited with your pet. Have you included care for your pet in your will?

While all of us enjoy the happy healthy times with our animals, life can throw unexpected things in our path. A little bit of forethought can bring peace of mind to all.  Plan ahead, be prepared, and have a long happy relationship with your animals!

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