Stem Cell Therapy – a New Tool

 In Alternative Non-Surgical Healing

Stem Cell Therapy – a New Tool


he medical field of Pain Management is changing rapidly because of a state-of-the-art procedure called “stem cell therapy.” There have been numerous studies showing both the safety and effectiveness of stem cell therapy in treating pain and degenerative conditions in joints and the spine.

Stem cell therapy utilizes either a person’s own stem cells, or another person’s stem cells, to target and treat damaged tissue that is causing pain and/or loss of function. A stem cell’s role in our body is to heal and regenerate all of the tissues; every cell in our body dies and self-renews with new tissue because of our stem cells. Stem cells can turn into every single type of tissue and they secrete growth factors and various other substances that activate other healing cells in the damaged area of your body. Stem cells can multiply and turn into the “tissue builder” for the tissue that needs to be repaired.

When a person has damaged tissue, for example an osteoarthritic “bone on bone” knee joint, the damaged cartilage tissue in that knee lets off little “beacons” to signal to your body’s own stem cells to come and heal that damaged tissue. If you have a heart attack or a stroke, your body’s own stem cells can go to the damaged area of your heart or brain and become cells that produce new heart or brain cells. These amazing stem cells are literally what regenerate your body and keep it young and healthy. Unfortunately, as we age, the number of stem cells we have in our body drastically decreases and their potency diminishes substantially as well. This is one of the primary reasons our body starts to “wear out” as we get older and we begin to encounter different degenerative problems.

Stem cell therapy counteracts these problems by replenishing your body with stem cells. Stem cells are either harvested from your own bone marrow or adipose (fat) or from brand new stem cells obtained from an FDA certified tissue laboratory. These stem cells are then re-injected back into your body, turning on your body’s own regenerative capabilities to heal your damaged tissue.

Stem cell therapy is widely used in the field of Pain Management across the country and other disciplines of medicine as well. There are many new research studies being released every week showing the huge promise of stem cell therapy. Stanford Medical School released a promising study for treatment of stroke victims with stem cell therapy this month. Subjects in the study saw remarkable results including the ability to walk again as well as talk again after the treatment.

Some of the more common conditions treated with stem cells in this country include osteoarthritis of the joints, degenerative disc disease, herniated and bulging discs in the spine, spinal degeneration, neuropathy, COPD and neurological conditions. Although the success rates are not 100% with this new therapy, they are very high with some conditions showing an over 90% success rate. These studies have also shown that stem cell therapy is much safer than almost all other medical interventions with virtually no side effects ever reported. Stem cell therapy is quickly becoming the future of medicine.

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