Loneliness Might Be The Root Of All Evil!

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Loneliness might be the root of all evil!


doctor explained something to me once when my mother developed pneumonia.  He said that pneumonia is present in everyone’s lungs all the time.  What keeps it from developing into a full blown illness is activity.  If you are active, you are breathing more deeply, keeping fresher air circulating in the lungs.  Sitting around doing nothing does not keep the air moving in the lower part of the lungs and allows the pneumonia bug to breed.  He continued to explain that loneliness is the basis for many problems for seniors. They become depressed and inactive, both mentally and physically.

Without mentally stimulating social interaction, mental acuity begins to fade, thus beginning the slippery slope to senility or dementia.  Doing crossword puzzles and watching TV are not nearly as effective for keeping those little gray cells honed as learning a new hobby, meeting a new and interesting person, getting out of the house and participating in the world beyond the home. These things usually involve physical activity, which in turn whets the appetite for more stimulation, leading to more strength, and subsequently, more stamina to have more fun!  It is a good circle to get caught up in, and it’s called “enjoying life.”

Many things can occur later in life that hinder our abilities.  Some of the most common impediments to motivation are loss of partner, or loss of the ability to drive, loss of physical mobility.  NONE of these, especially in today’s world, should stop anyone from continuing to participate in an active lifestyle.

There are many many services available within our own communities for transportation, help around the home, companionship.  Just because you can’t drive doesn’t mean you can’t go.  Just because you have trouble getting around doesn’t mean you can’t get appropriate transportation and assistance to attend events and functions.  If you will just GO, you will meet others – and there are MANY MANY OTHERS – JUST LIKE YOU – who are lonely and think they can’t go because of this or that.  They need your friendship and companionship just as badly, and maybe even more, than you do.

Wouldn’t you rather be laughing with friends than sitting at home alone?  The choice is yours.

Take a few minutes to actually read through the descriptions of services and content of the ads in this publication.  You will see that there are countless ways to maintain, regain, achieve your independence and live an enjoyable life.  Many services are for a fee, just as many more are absolutely free and sometimes you could even accomplish both by being a volunteer companion to someone with limited resources.  It’s all about life and sharing. You have a great deal to offer, so let’s see you out and about bringing smiles to our faces and yours!

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