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tudies have shown that if a stable home environment and supportive services are not available, many people with mental health issues are victimized and are often homeless, incarcerated, or hospitalized. Inappropriate housing can make recovery from mental health or substance abuse problems much more difficult. Safe, affordable and structured housing is one of the most important factors that affect our mental health. Housing is tied to our mental, physical, and social well-being. Good housing can help rebuild personal confidence, independence, and social networks.

Harmony House is an assisted living facility that specializes in working with adults who are diagnosed with a mental illness, developmental disability or traumatic brain injury. We have been providing quality care to individuals since 2000 with residents ranging in age from 18 to 70 years old. Harmony House provides a loving, supportive environment dedicated to individualized care and encourages personal growth.

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Harmony House Assisted Living

Our goal is to work with each individual person to help them reach their highest potential. We work closely with the resident’s family, social service providers, and doctors to create a collaborative team working toward the same goal for the resident. Some residents desire to maintain stability, ultimately enabling them to secure independent housing, while others are seeking long term care in a consistent and loving home. In order to allow residents to focus on their own well-being, we provide delicious home cooked meals, supervision, transportation to medical appointments and fun, age-appropriate activities within the community every day. Many of our residents are employed in the community, taking college courses or volunteering in the community.

Harmony House Assisted Living strives to provide housing that allows our residents to grow and lead a stable, productive life. Our safe, affordable, and structured environment allows our residents to thrive in our community. For more information, visit our website: harmonyhousealf.com and/or call 208-704-2502.

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