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Art of Redirection Counseling

Art of Redirection Counseling

Once upon a time, long ago, we had dreams of how we’d like our life to turn out, but no one told us how stinking hard it was going to be! Day in and day out, one thing after another, with no end in sight, some of us turned to drugs, others to alcohol. Many used sex and a lot of us used food, all in attempts to self-medicate to feel better or at least numb enough, just to get by and wondering, “What happened here?” “Why is my life so messed up?”

A common challenge most of us face, is we have to work to make an income. The Work Ethic in America is, our “adult” goes to work, focusing on the task at hand and gets the job done. When we go home, the other part of us kicks in and we just want to chill and relax, but the spouse, kids and home all need our attention. “I’ve worked all day, I should be able to just eat and veg in front of the T.V. or computer all evening…” We have learned to become self-serving and hypersensitive at home and it’s just a matter of time before we blow a gasket! Judging by our family’s reaction and the stuff that doesn’t get done around the house, we soon find this doesn’t work, but do we really care? How would we change it anyway? No one seems to have an answer. It’s time to find out why, how, where, when and, most importantly, what to do about it all.

Reverse Work Ethic

One of the tools taught by Rob and Kathy at Art of Redirection Counseling is The Reverse Work Ethic. They teach an understanding of how to keep our “Adult” mode on when we go home, to continue being focused and productive, giving the spouse, kids and home the attention needed, regaining a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This is where our real job lies, at home.

“As professional counselors, we want you to know we are ‘real’ people, passionate about life, each other and helping others. We don’t look down our noses or think people aren’t good enough. Like many of you, we’re parents of a blended family, amateur gardeners, local Firefighters, ride Harleys, hunt, fish, canoe and other exhilarating activities.”

Relationship Specialists

“We’ve ‘been there’ in our own lives and want to come along side you and your spouse and help you with the hard stuff like real communication, intimacy issues, anger problems, immaturity, pornography addiction, ED, blended family issues, challenging children and more. We can help you grow and learn how to have the passionate, vibrant relationships you want and need! We are all about saving marriages one couple at a time. Let us help you understand and overcome the challenges you face and have the life and relationships you truly desire!”

Rob and Kathy are relationship specialists with over 50 years combined counseling experience as well as 30 years of parenting with a blended family and navigating through marriage conflicts themselves. They approach counseling and consulting very differently, with a focus on self-accountability and teaching the tools needed to get the job done. Whether you are experiencing marriage conflicts, parenting issues or dependence on some form of self-medication or just wanting a better, healthier life, they can help.

Mens Issues

Rob also addresses specific men’s issues to help men grow and mature through life’s trials that seem to destroy their will to carry on and thrive. Kathy busts their chops and reinforces the same tools taught by Rob. She also specializes in helping couples, individual women, children and families with a different level of understanding, valuable tools and clear direction for productive change.

Rob & Kathy, also known as the “Counselors who Ride,” bring their own style of counseling to North Idaho. Good old-fashioned values and country wisdom mixed with a “Can Do!” supportive attitude and real tools that help make productive changes for those willing to come in and do the work.

Is your life where you want it to be? Give us a call at 208-267-9228 or shoot us an email to and let’s see what we can do! Check out our website for more information. We are honored to serve all Veterans and 1st Responders regardless of ability or inability to pay for sessions.

by Rob & Kathy Wenzel

After 33 years of counseling in a city environment, Rob & Kathy Wenzel felt it was time to move for a better way of life, and to raise their youngest daughter in a small town with good old fashion values where almost everyone knows each other. They moved from Colorado Springs, CO to Bonners Ferry, ID in May of 2014 where they have an office for clients throughout the region and also provided services via telephone and online/Skype, to those outside the North Idaho area.

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