Help Wanted!

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Help Wanted!

Employment Opportunities Abound in Health Care Career opportunities in Health Care abound in North Idaho. Have you considered the field of health care? Now is the time!  Senior Care (& In-Home Services) aging, elderly, home help, assisted living, skilled nursing, employment

Home care agencies and facilities are struggling to provide care to people throughout our entire region. As residents are choosing to age in place in their own homes, they may find themselves in need of assistance. Some may need help with simple activities of daily living (laundry, cleaning, meal preparation) while others may be recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

And, not everyone who needs some assistance in the home are elderly. According to the 2010 census, 65% of our residents throughout the N. Idaho, E. Washington & W. Montana communities are over 40 years old! And, 75% of all residents are considered “rural.”

CNAs, Nurses & Caregivers Needed

With this substantial aging population in our rural neighborhoods, it is a challenge for local companies and agencies to provide basic home care to all the folks that certainly need it. Now, compound that with the scarcity of caregivers, and many people are unable to receive the support they need to stay healthy and safe at home. Families are having to make difficult decisions to ensure their loved ones are safe and sound.

Local skilled nursing and assisted living facilities often have a waiting list, and yet some are not able to fill all of their available space as they do not have enough caregivers, certified nursing assistants and registered nurses to attend to the residents. Now, if a family’s medical crisis does occurs, their loved one may have to complete their recovery and rehabilitation at a facility 60+ miles away due to the shortage of caregivers within facilities in the local area.

On-The-Job Training, Benefits & Incentives

More and more the local companies supporting the population needing assistance are having to become creative in their ways of attracting, hiring and retaining caregivers and nurses. Health insurance, flexibility in hours and sign-on bonuses are some of the incentives companies offer to new employees. But sadly, that is not enough to find, let alone retain, quality, caring people to take care of our friends and families.

For those seeking employment, they should ask, “Where else can you find a job with only a genuine desire to help others and absolutely no experience?” Many companies will hire (with background screening) and train on the job! Many agencies and facilities hire people with little to no experience and provide the trainings to give a new employee enough skills, proper certification and confidence to be a successful caregiver. And, many offer benefits within just a few months of employment.

A Future in Health Care

Entry-level positions also give new employees the opportunity to find out if health care is a good fit for them. Many go on to obtain degrees in areas of specialization (various therapies, nursing, radiology, dietician, social work, etc.) simply from being on the job and learning what therapies and services are being offered to patients.

Have you or someone you know considered employment in health care? Now is an excellent time to enter the field. Review the Wise Guide’s Directory and contact an agency, company or other organization and make a difference for members of our community, and see if the rapidly growing healthcare industry is for you.

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