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The Kinetisense System - Building Blocks

Imagine a device that could predict future injury susceptibility in less than five minutes. Or a device that could near instantaneously provide you with three-dimensional postural analysis or balance and concussion screening The Kinetisense system offers this and more. The world of technology is constantly evolving to provide clinicians and patients better tools for tracking outcomes and even predicting future injury or sources of pain. Clinics that incorporate these groundbreaking technologies often report higher patient satisfaction, success and retention. Idaho Pain Clinic in Sandpoint values the idea of combining the knowledge and skills of their clinicians with cutting edge technology to provide a new standard of care for the patients and clients they serve.

The Kinetisense system is a markerless motion sensor device that uses Microsoft Kinect technology to instantaneously detect the clients body using thousands of data points. The Kinetisense system provides three-dimensional posture analysis and is used as a pre-season concussion screening tool and as one aspect of determining safe return to sport or activity after concussion. The Kinetisense is also used for testing and tracking balance in the geriatric population and it accurately measures a clients range of motion at the shoulder, neck, spine, elbow, hips, and knees. The device tracks the clients improvements in all aspects, whether it be balance, range of motion, or posture.

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The system also allows therapists to video record their patients completing tasks such as sit-to-stands, lunges, squats, dead lifts and nearly any functional movement. The recording of these movements provides accurate measurements at all the major joints as well as rotational information that may be occurring at the joints as the participant completes their movement. This allows the therapists to pinpoint exact moments during a movement where the patient went from being in alignment to falling out of alignment, and thus compromising their joints or muscular structures. Often the therapists at Idaho Pain Clinic Physical Therapy capture the patients range of motion pre-treatment and, after a single therapy session, re-assess the motion allowing the patient immediate feedback on gains made in therapy that day.

Beginning October 2017, the Kinetisense system will offer an additional feature that will be instrumental in preventing the development of future injuries or pain. The newest feature called KAMS (Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen) will be the most advanced functional movement screen on the market. Within three to five minutes the therapists at Idaho Pain Clinic will be able to use KAMS to analyze over twenty-five joints and joint axis in all three planes of movement.

The KAMS system will detect and report over 250 neuromuscular compensatory patterns of seven research based movements. The report generated by KAMS will provide a functional score, a vestibular score, a lower extremity power score, and a joint susceptibility to injury score. The institution of KAMS will remove subjectivity and lack of efficiency that is currently a problem for functional movement screens traditionally offered by therapists and trainers. To top it off, the KAMS system will also provide corrective strategies to the clients. For example, if the KAMS detects the clients right knee is highly susceptible to future injury, it will suggest exercises and strategies to limit the chance of future harm to that joint.

The future of rehabilitation and recovery is emerging to embrace technologies that not only track a patients success during their time in therapy, but even more importantly will predict likelihood for future injuries. Cutting edge technology such as the Kinetisense may be what changes healthcare and the lives of thousands as it helps in the detection of susceptible joints that have yet to experience detriment. This early detection can help keep patients active, healthy, pain and injury free.

Idaho Pain Clinic Physical Therapy has consistently sought out and implemented the most state of the art and proven technologies offered in the industry. From offering the only AlterG anti-gravity treadmill system and Anodyne infrared light therapy in Sandpoint to now the addition of Kinetisense into their practice.

The team at Idaho Pain Clinic believes a full Kinetisense and KAMS evaluation should become a standard routine assessment that all people, young and old alike have completed at least yearly in order to track present health performance and address any postural abnormalities or joints susceptible to future injury. Kinetisense and KAMS evaluations are available through the Physical Therapy department at Idaho Pain Clinic. Call 208-263-9757 today to schedule an appointment or schedule an appointment online at

by Amanda Thome, PT DPT, Idaho Pain Clinic

Amanda Thome graduated from Columbia University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010. It is her belief that each patient presentation and treatment interventions should be unique and tailored to that individual. Amanda uses clinical skills she gained working for nationally top-ranked rehabilitation facilities and the skills she continues to develop through rigerous continuing education training. Amanda has a strong background in manual therapy and the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions including neuropathy pain, post surgical rehabilitation, balance and vestibular disorders as well as those with neurological conditions. Amanda is one of only two ImPACT concussion trained physical therapists in Idaho.

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