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Freedom from Addiction - Rathdrum Counseling Center, LLC

Addiction treatment meets science. We now know exactly how opioid addiction alters the chemistry of the brain and why the brain of the addict keeps pulling them back into addiction. Science has shown us a way to break the cycle of addiction. With the intelligent use of medication, combined with intensive outpatient counseling, we can help you to finally break free from the substances that bind you. Our treatment can bring you to the point of true freedom from addiction. When you complete our treatment you will be drug AND medication free. It will not happen overnight, but if you sincerely want to be free, we can show you the way.

Medication for opioid addiction is not about “trading one addiction for another.” It is about breaking the destructive cycle of relapse and regret, and finally giving you a real chance at leaving your addiction in the rear view mirror. Opioids alter the brain in ways that make it impossible for most opioid addicts to remain abstinent. Our medication changes this – you can become stable on medication so that you can benefit from treatment, and then you can get off the medication and be truly free. There is no detox. There is no withdrawal.

Rathdrum Counseling - Addiction Treatment

In addition to addiction treatment, we recognize the inherent and prevalent process of mental health disorders and addiction. Often, depressive disorders are associated with addiction; people want to use something to feel better, alleviate interfering negative psychiatric symptoms, and begin using illicit substances instead of being under a doctor’s care and treatment. Before you know it, you are addicted to the substance you are using, and most often in these situations, you don’t know who to turn to that can help treat both your mental health and addiction effectively.

There are interventions that assist with managing both addiction and the symptoms of mental illness, more often referred to as co-occurring disorders. Effective intervention promotes healthy and strategic skills, and the thinking that combat those negative behavior traits, and restore functioning and healthy coping skills back into your life. Opioid use and addiction is prevalent amongst those who attempt to treat their own symptoms, which frequently leads them to dependency and addiction.

Our counselors have years of experience in the treatment of opioid addiction and mental health conditions, both severe and persistent diagnosis, trauma related issues, and every day stressors that may lead to a more debilitating condition and ongoing use of opioids. They know that treatment succeeds best when there is compassion and understanding. And just as importantly, they know how the medication alters traditional treatment.

Our counselors work closely with the physician to optimize your treatment program so that you have a real chance at success with taking this first step in your recovery. Let us help you find the future you have been longing for – a future free from that which binds you. Don’t wait a day longer. Give us a call at 208-687-0538 to schedule your confidential intake —and start your future today!

Rathdrum Counseling Center, LLC and Restored Horizons have joined forces to provide Medication Assisted Treatment (M.A.T. ) and comprehensive outpatient Mental Health & Substance Use and Addiction services under one roof. Under the direction of Dr. Michael Whiting, and with a team of professional substance use disorder, addiction treatment specialists, and mental health practitioners, we have opened our Kimo Court location for those specifically with addictions to Opioids.

The mission and vision is to be a ‘one-stop clinic’ that meets the needs of those who seek Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment services. Staff are licensed Social Workers, CADC (Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselors), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, Physicians, and bachelor level practitioners. M.A.T. medication includes the use of Suboxone, a medication that has proven results of assisting recovery and wellness without residual withdraw and detox. For the M.A.T program we accept private pay, Idaho Medicaid, and most insurances. For the outpatient treatment services we accept BPA, private pay, and most insurances. Call 208-687-0538 now or visit our website at for more information!

Rathdrum Counseling Center, LLC, has been serving Kootenai, Bonner, Boundary, and Shoshone Counties for the past 10 years. We provide services to anyone who enters our door, regardless of their ability to pay. Our highly experienced and dedicated professional team have year of experience treating individuals, couples, and families during times of crisis, or simply to share life changes and challenges. We are partners in your journey to wellness. We utilize the most effective methods to assist you in learning new ways to think and approach those life challenges, so you may build your own resilience tools and walk thru life with confidence and resolve. We partner with the courts, probation and parole, child protection, and other community systems to collaborate and provide you with a network of support and access so you may never feel that there is no answer to any struggles you may face. Come join us!

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