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The Wise Guide is the only health and wellness resource throughout the entire Idaho Panhandle, reaching into Eastern Washington & Western Montana.

The publication was designed to serve the residents of the region with information about goods and services that match this formula: Health = Mental, Physical & Financial.  Without one component, you struggle to be healthy.

The Wise Guide helps readers understand the nature of the health services they seek; preventative, curative and treatment options — both holistic and modern medicine approaches — explored through articles written by professional service providers. Also covered are financial planning, and services for those without insurance or means.

Concerns span all generations; parents, grandparents, teens, children – and the pets that are family too.

Let’s look at some of the specifics about the region covered by The Wise Guide to truly understand the purpose of the magazine.

Why is the magazine in print and NOT just online?

Tourism and Health Care are the top industries in our region. Tourism because of the abundance of outdoor activities, wildlife and beauty of the area. Health Care because the residents and the younger retirees are aging in place. Those natives or long-term residents don’t want to leave:  The #1 stated desire among retirees is to “age in place – stay in their own homes. New(er) residents came here as active adults, fell in love with the region, and have no intention of leaving “unless [they] have to.”

65% of the population is over 45 years old.

This means as residents increase in age, health issues develop, and their needs increase. Other publications scattered throughout the entire area are focused on tourism-related subjects, or only one age demographic. Hence the need & development of The Wise Guideto serve ALL the residents.

75% of our residents are considered “Rural” — What does that mean?

Limited cell and internet access at home for MANY. The printed magazine reaches them when they come to town for food & services. They pick up a copy, take it home and share it with friends & family.

“We see it everywhere! – that’s because we distribute where people go! (Grocery & Convenience stores, Professional Offices, Agencies – over 800+ locations).

——60,000 copies of the magazine are printed twice a year, and available year round.

43% of residents are Veterans and their spouses.

——- Our region has the highest concentration of veterans in the country!

The Wise Guide is the ONLY printed resource covering veterans benefits, advocacy & services.

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And, pick up a hard copy for a handy reference.  Don’t know where to find one? Contact us!

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Are You A Healthcare Professional?

Are you a healthcare professional? Do you want to reach the residents of our area with your services? The Wise Guide is the only educationally-focused healthcare resource widely read and distributed throughout the entire region. Articles are written by professionals who desire to help people understand the nature of their services.

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